Orbita Siena Three Teak Watch Winder Rotorwind Collection

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Unique winders, gently “swing” watches mimicking the natural movement of the wrist.

Material Burlwood
Finish High-Gloss Lacquer
Interior Suede Lined /Jewelry Storage
Viewing Panel Beveled Glass
Lockable Yes
Self Programming 3 Winder Modules
Powered by 5-year Lithium batteries
System Rotorwind
Dimensions (Inches) 6.8" x 13.2" x 10.2"
Weight (Lbs) 11.3

The sloped front case houses an easily removable drive station fitted with three ironless core gear motors to provide independent operation for each of the three rotating cups.  The case is fitted with a beveled glass viewing panel.

Inside are three SELF PROGRAMMING winder modules powered by 5-year Lithium batteries.  The patented ROTORWIND® system "rocks" the watch in an oscillating mode, once every ten minutes, 24/7.  This gentle action replenishes the mainspring tension lost in the previous 10 minutes, assuring virtually constant mainspring torque.  That is the optimum arrangement to insure the highest watch accuracy.  Ball bearing construction throughout, coupled with the use of Swiss designed ironless core precision servomotors assures long life with no maintenance ever required.  A "low" battery light automatically signals when battery replacement is due.

Available in Teakwood or Maple Burl.  Both have high-gloss durable lacquer finishes.

Cases are suede lined and have a spacious area in front to accommodate strap watches and personal jewelry.  All cases are lockable.

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